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Castle Rock: Preview Podcast

Chris Naes and co-host Debby Hodges join forces to bring you a series of podcasts as they talk about the new Hulu Stephen King series Castle Rock!  On this preview episode, Chris and Debby are joined by Tim, Mike and Lindsey to discuss all the deets about the upcoming premiere season. Plus: we burn down the best King tv shows for your pleasure! Read More

Major Announcements: Coming Changes to the Show

Hello, fellow Watchers!

We’ve been brainstorming and talking behind-the-scenes a lot over the past few weeks and we have some exciting updates to share with you regarding the future of the Watchers on the Couch podcast!

Over the past few years, we’ve enjoyed getting to sit down as friends and discuss Game of Thrones, and most recently Westworld, for your entertainment. We’re all very grateful for your support of our show, and we’re pleased to announce some upcoming changes.

Beyond Westeros

We’ve known since the end of our very first season of the podcast that Game of Thrones was going to be coming to an end within the next few years. There was always some question about what would become of Watchers on the Couch at the conclusion of the series.

Starting this month, the Watchers on the Couch podcast is doing some rebranding and branching out into a multi-show format!


The new Watchers on the Couch logo was designed by Tim Pickerill and is more fitting for a podcast that is expanding to cover more than just Game of Thrones.


With the rebranding of the podcast, we’ve differentiated the classing Game of Thrones show to Watchers in the Couch: Game of Thrones, and our Watchers on the Couch: Westworld is now a permanent subcategory.


New Shows, New Faces!

As we grow the podcast, we’re also privileged to expand the Watcher’s family, and with it, new hosts!


Hulu’s upcoming series, Castle Rock, from Stephen King and J.J. Abrams, premieres on July 25th. If you aren’t yet familiar with the show, here’s the synopsis from Hulu:

 A psychological-horror series set in the Stephen King multiverse, Castle Rock combines the mythological scale and intimate character storytelling of King’s best-loved works, weaving an epic saga of darkness and light, played out on a few square miles of Maine woodland. The fictional Maine town of Castle Rock has figured prominently in King’s literary career

Watchers on the Couch: Castle Rock will debut next week with a pre-premiere episode with new hosts: Chris Naes and Debby Hodges. Chris also hosts the Bacon and Naes podcast and is no stranger to Watchers on the Couch, as show contributor with the “Chris Naes Minute” segment.


We love movies & we love talking (or arguing) about movies! It’d been suggested before that we cover movies every so often during our traditional off-season.

Watchers on the Couch: At the Movies will be one-shot episodes that we plan on releasing monthly, and will have a rotating panel of Watchers hosts. We plan to release our first episode within the month.


Our other show, These American Gods, our American Gods discussion podcast, will be getting rebranded under the Watchers banner as Watchers on the Couch: American Gods.

What This Means for Current Subscribers

The current Watchers on the Couch podcast feed, is still what we are calling our “Master Feed” and will contain all things Watchers on the Couch related. If you are a current subscriber and want to be sure not to miss a thing, no worries, you won’t.

Watchers on the Couch Cover Art for the Master Feed

What if you only subscribed to the podcast for Game of Thrones, and don’t have an interest in our discussion of other shows and movies? We get it. We certainly don’t want to clutter up your feed. All of the subcategories of shows will have their own independent feeds, including Watchers on the Couch: Game of Thrones, and Watchers on the Couch: Westworld. Those new feeds should be rolling out from the Onyx Edge Podcast Network over the next few weeks.

For “These American Gods” subscribers, nothing should change on your end aside from the rebranding. The existing subscription feed will still work.

Watchers on the Couch subscribers may see a jump in unlistened episodes as we add season one of These American Gods to the Master Feed.

We’d like to thank all of our listeners for your support over the past few years, and we hope you are excited as we are for the future of The Watchers on the Couch.

Talk soon! 🙂

Westworld: The Passenger (WTF?!) [S2E10]

It’s the season finale of Westworld, and we may have been left with more questions that answers. In case you missed it, there’s a post-credit scene at the end. If you haven’t seen it, go back and watch it before you listen to this episode. It’s the WTF of all WTFs!

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Westworld: Vanishing Point (Father’s Day Special!) [S2E9]

We always appreciate good fathers. Being a family man can be hard, so it’s important to celebrate your father and/or the father of your children on Father’s Day. Read More

Westworld: Kiksuya (Lakota Fanning) [S2E8]

The Watchers are divided this week over the Kiksuya episode of Westworld Season 2. Which of the three at the table is a robot? Read More

Westworld: Les Écorchés (Tedpool) [S2E7]

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Westworld: “Phase Space” Discussion (Teddyback Rides) [S2E6]

Is Beach Bernard really Bernard?
How easily could Felix be convinced to join ISIS?
When are we going to see that damn bear?
Elsie is pretty much going to die, right? Read More

Westworld: Akane No Mai (Teddy Rumpskin) [S2E5]

Important questions arise:

  • How did the park assure guest safety with the swords and arrows of Shogun World
  • Why doesn’t Maeve use her new abilities for the most obvious reason?
  • What’s going on with Delores’ accent?
  • Was that a Teddy “stunt-butt?”

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Westworld: The Riddle of the Sphinx (He’s No St. Bernard) [S2E4]

We ask the really important questions in this episode, like:

“Why would set a room on fire instead of just turning a Host off?”
“Why would you order a Drone to break their own neck instead of just turning them off?”
“What’s James Delos thinking about when he [CENSORED]?”
“Do the Hosts have {CENSORED]?” Read More

Westworld: Virtù e Fortuna (Thirsty for Peter) [S2E3]

Tim and Sarah recap and discuss the episode “Virtù e Fortuna.” Read More

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