14: On the Road – Chicago

The entirety of ThorHammer is on the podcast today, and they are indeed on the road. Chris tests the band with his new game.

9: Let’s Delve Into My Ancient Drum History

Ginger Man Metronome, Chris Naes of ThorHammer, has been beating skins with sticks for many a year. How did it all begin? Find out in this episode where we gotta go… BACK IN TIME!

03: Come See a Show! It’s Awesome!

Chris is on the road talking about ThorHammer’s past show, some merch ideas, and how they are going to be on Asgard Radio! ThorHammer has a Late Night show in St Louis @ Foam on Friday July 24th. More details at: www.foamvenue.com

Check out Asgard Radio at: asgardradio.com

For more information about ThorHammer visit them on Bandcamp: thorhammer.bandcamp.com and on Facebook www.facebook.com/thorhammerstl

2: “What’s a Twitter?” w/ Jimmy Lopez

Chris sits down with friend and ThorHammer fan, Jimmy Lopez, after a scheduled band practice falls through. They talk about new merch ideas, how crack is whack, and how technology left Jimmy behind years ago.

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