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SOLO: A Star Wars Special Episode – #145

Chris is joined by Mike D and first time guest Paul Hermanson of the band KING GORO ( to discuss the latest Star Wars film, SOLO: A Star Wars Story!

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The Last Jedi Special – #125

Jimmy didn’t see the Star War this time, but we do have several guests on this week to discuss this very divisive film.
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The Last Jimmi (Rogue One Part 2)

Chris, Jimmy, Tim and Brandon dig into the last battle of Rogue One and then make predictions and theories about the upcoming Star Wars films.

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“Rogue One” Special! (Part 1)

How could I have my own podcast and NOT talk about the new STAR WARS movie?! In this episode, I am joined by fellow Star Wars fans Tim and Sarah Pickerill and we delve into the latest addition to the series, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. Stick around near the end of the show to hear a story out of the past from fellow OnyxEdge podcaster Jordan Wakefield.

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