Career Burnout & Job Satisfaction w/ Mike Daffron and Chris Naes

Episode 3: Feel the Burnout

Almost everyone can relate to having a job they hate. At some point in our lives most of us have had that one job that stands out as the worst one they’ve ever had. That one where you wake up every morning and you feel a little bit nauseous at the idea of having to be there.

What if you don’t hate your job, though? What if you were doing something you enjoy doing and are good at, when one day, it happens?

You don’t love what you do anymore?

Maybe it’s a project that’s gone on far too long, or a string of shitty clients. Maybe you’ve been in your career so long, that it’s simply taken away all enjoyment of it.

Me? I’ve hit full-blown burnout. For context, the conversation I had with my guests in this episode was recorded back on April 15th. It was a conversation that just happened, after recording an episode of a completely different show. I’d been debating whether or not I was dealing with some kind of midlife crisis, or was just worn down.

My guests are Mike Daffron, my cohost on The Watchers on the Couch podcast, and Chris Naes of the Bacon and Naes podcast. Both are good friends of mine and I wanted to touch base to see if they could relate to what I’m feeling, or if was just me.

How about you? Do you ever feel unfulfilled, or just… blah, for extended periods of time? How do you deal?

Let me know! Email the show at beardvsevil@gmail.com.

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