Career Burnout & Job Satisfaction w/ Mike Daffron and Chris Naes

Almost everyone can relate to having a job they hate. At some point in our lives most of us have had that one job that stands out as the worst one they’ve ever had. That one where you wake up every morning and you feel a little bit nauseous at the idea of having to be there.

Thanks, Genes! Our 23andMe Results! – Beard Vs Evil Podcast

The results are in! Tim is joined by Nick, Mike and Jimmy as they go over their 23andMe findings. Jimmy hadn’t even looked at his yet! What surprises are in store for him?

Sam Richardson (#TeamSam) on Fitness and the Mind – Beard Vs Evil Podcast | Episode 01

In this episode, Tim sits down with Sam Richardson of #TeamSam Personal Training. They discuss Sam’s road to fitness, and how it lead to him becoming the owner of his own training studio. Sam also talks about his mental health struggles and how he handles it.

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