ONYXedge Studios

We are pleased to announce that starting in Q1 of 2017, we will be taking you behind the scenes at ONYXedge Studios, with the new podcast ONedge.

Initially planned to be a bi-weekly release, OES founder and host, Tim Pickerill, will discuss what the team is currently working on and future plans.

I think the past couple years we’ve just been trying to find our voice. Practicing. In 2017, I really want to start ramping things up and grow this into something special, and I want to take our fans along for the ride.

This isn’t the first ONYXedge podcast that Tim has been a part of that follows a journey of a creative processes. The first podcast on what would later become the “ONYXedge Network” was the ShowMe Comicast which followed creation of the graphic novel Hafu: Vol 1 by Jordan Taylor and Sam Richardson of ShowMe Comics. In addition to discussing the final days of getting the comic book to completion, and going to comic book conventions, the trio of Taylor, Richardson and Pickerill analyses the craft of comic book creation so they could share their thoughts with other aspiring comic creators. Roots of that format will be present in ONedge.

The “hero’s journey” format was important to us on the “Comicast” because, so often, you’d see a panel or something where people who had been in the business for decades were giving advice for other aspiring artists or writers. Which is great, but what about all the minutia that they didn’t mention, or just plain forgot about? What if the person asking the question at the panel was able to see the mistakes and successes from someone who was closer to their own level… an actual peer? That always seemed to be a better learning experience in our mind. More interesting, too.

The studio producer isn’t planning on the podcast to be a one-way conversation, however.

It’s important to me to initiate conversations with our supporters and other creative-minded people. So I’ll literally be asking listeners what they think about the things we are working on, but also ideas we have, and obstacles we are currently facing.

There’s more than just talking about the inner workings of trying to build a podcast network. Tim is planning to interview other creators on the network, feature some of his favorite moments from network shows, and perhaps even share some lost audio bits and potential pilots for new shows.

There are new shows that we have coming up, and there are show ideas that we’ve been batting around for a while that we don’t know are worth the time or effort to create. I’m playing with the idea of actually creating pilot episodes for things like that and ONedge seems like the best method of sharing those things.

ONedge Podcast

ONedge is currently in production. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information on this and other shows.