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Anyone following ONYXedge Studios for the past few years, probably knows that the first podcast we ever did was called the ShowMe Comicast. The show centered around the thought and process of creating comics. Specifically, the graphic novel Hafu, written by Jordan Taylor, and illustrated by Sam Richardson of ShowMe Comics (aka ShowMe Entertainment.)

After the completion of their 64 page graphic novel, Taylor and Richardson debuted their novel at several conventions in the US. Hafu recieved praise by it’s readers for it’s strong female protaganist, Akiko Kuno, a mixed-heritage girl raised by her father in Japan.

After a long wait for both creators and fans, Sam and Jordan announced not only the completion of the next chapter in Akiko’s story, but where they will be debuting the next installment.

Hafu II

ShowMe Comics will be at the “StL Comics Winter 1 Day” event on Sunday, January 22nd.  A limited amount of the new Hafu II on hand, so be sure to get there early. Any unsold copies of the graphic novel will be made available for purchase on their website.


StL Comics Winter 1 Day is being held at:

The Holiday Inn St. Louis SW-Route 66
10709 Watson Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63127

Find out more about the StL Comics Winter 1 Day by visiting their Facebook Event Page.

If you haven’t read the first volume of Hafu you can buy a copy on the ShowMe Comics website, or buy a digital edition on Comixology.

For readers of the first volume, Hafu II promises to be twice the novel, in more ways than one.

We here at ONYXedge Studios wish the best to Sam and Jordan and hope they have a very successful weekend.

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