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It was a big weekend for ONYXedge Studios and their associates. Big enough to warrant it’s own blog post even!

ShowMe Entertainment Debuts Hafu II

Sam Richardson and Jordan Taylor of ShowMe Entertainment (and the ShowMe Comicast and How Should I Bro? podcasts) debuted their long awaited follow up to their graphic novel Hafu at the Winter 1 Day comic convention. Jordan provided this quick summary to OES:

Sam drew his ass off, we had a real life Akiko cosplay model who took some great pics, and the coolest thing of all was our return customers. It was so cool when someone came up to the table and said, “I already have the first one.” Some people even said that they didn’t have the first one, but had read it because it was being passed around by friends.

ShowMe Entertainment just launched their Kickstarter to help fund the printing of Hafu II. Donations at the $20 level will get you a copy of Hafu II that is autographed by the writer and illustrator. The $50 level scores you both print and digital copies of Hafu I and Hafu II, a quick sketch from the illustrator, and a Kickstarter exclusive Hafu poster.

Chris Naes from Bacon and Naes, and OES friend, Nick Beck both got their copies of Hafu II.

Chris Naes and the Rent is Due at PWCS Wrestling

Chris Naes ventured out to PWCS (Pro Wrestling Championship Series) in Alton, IL with Bill Volz and Brandon Messmer of The Rent is Due podcast. Chris, Brandon and Lindsey recorded an episode of Bacon and Naes on the way to, and from the event.

Brandon, Lindsey, and Chris at PWCS

Oh! And Chris met Colt Cabana!

Chris Naes with Colt Cabana

Find out about that encounter and more on this week’s Bacon and Naes

ONedge enters Production

ONedge, the upcoming “behind the scenes” podcast for ONYXedge Studios, is still set to air in Q1 of this year. In addition to giving updates on current events at the studio and it’s network of shows, Tim plans to talk a little about medium of podcasting itself and what he has learned upon the way. Production for the first three episodes will be starting this week. In episode one, Tim will be covering the purpose of the ONedge podcast, and his opinion on whether or not someone should start a podcast in 2017.

ONedge Podcast Cover

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