ONYXedge Studios

Let me start off by thanking those of you that have reached out regarding the release date of ONedge. It’s been keeping my feet to the fire.

Literally, not two days after I started production, I got sick. Sore-throat, congestion, all that jazz that makes the spoken-word unenjoyable for everyone. While laying on the couch with manflu, playing Destiny, I thought about how a lot of what I’ll likely be talking about would be more effective in a video format. Especially if people start wanting to know about gear, our workflow, etc.

I decided to go back to the drawing board and also record video along with the audio. The result has been kind of a podcast/vlog hybrid. I’m trying to be mindful of both the audio only, and video audiences when I’m in the studio. It’s an experiment to be sure. It’s also taking some work on my end because it’s outside of my comfort zone, but I’m hoping that the bumpy start will be worth it.

I announced the vague launch date of Q1 2017 after I failed to meet my personal goal of launching back in November 2016. There was just too much going on then. I still plan to have ONedge up within that window, but I’ve decided not to do a traditional “Hey, the podcast is out and up on iTunes! Check it out!” type of launch.

Despite all the avenues to get your podcasts (Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, blah blah blah) iTunes is still king. Much of the things that I’ve read lead to the conclusion that the success of your podcast being visible to others hinges on your first weeks on iTunes. We’ve tried the launch with 3 episodes thing on other shows with varied results. I’ve decided to try something a little different with ONedge, justt to see what happens.

I’m not launching on iTunes

Crazy! Right?! I think so. But I’d like to see if I can get that iTunes bump, and to do that, I need people that are willing to give it that boost when it hits. I don’t have a huge network, be it professional or social, to be hankering for this show. You’d be amazed how often someone on my Facebook page says: “You do podcasts!?” despite the fact that I’ve been doing this for almost three years and I share the episodes all the time. So ONedge will have to stand on it’s own and hopefully draw in (and hopefully create) interested people.

So this behind the scenes podcast/vlog that chronicles ONYXedge Studios and it’s partner podcasts will not be going on iTunes at the outset. It will primarily be available on our YouTube channel, the onyxedgestudios.com website, and SoundCloud. My hope is that this “soft-launch” will pull in all you folks that have inquired about the show’s status, as well as the casually curious. If all goes well, I can convince you all to subscribe and maybe drop a review once I feel like it’s ready to hit iTunes.

Intro Music Ideas

I’d been looking around the internet looking for some music that I could use as the intro, but nothing was really doing it for me. This past weekend I spent some time playing around in the studio, and put together this quick little piece that I’m digging. It’ll get tightened up a bit if I go with it. I uploaded it as a private track on the ONYXedge Soundcloud account, which means it doesn’t show up if you go to that page. It’s just a little something extra for you, dear readers. There was a good response to it when I shared it amongst the other podcasters on the network. But maybe they are just saying that to make me feel good. What do you think?

Some Unrelated Fun Stuff

So it’s not podcast related at all. But I recently picked up a new piece of equipment for the studio: an Eleven Rack guitar effects processor by AVID.


I don’t play guitar as much as I’d like and that’s something I’m looking to change. I’m looking forward to getting together with my friends Jimmy and Nick and resuming work on a musical project that we started a while back. It got put on hold in 2016 for different reasons for each of us, but I think we are a-hungry again. I plugged my guitar into this thing over the weekend and fiddled around with some sounds and it sparked quite a few sonic ideas that I’m looking to explore with my buddies.

What are you creating? I’d like to hear about it!