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As a famous Chief Engineer of a dinosaur park would say: “Hold on to your butts!” We’ve got some update for you after a much to long silence.

The Sound of Silliness

This past weekend, a massive crossover of ONYXedge podcasters was hosted at fan-favorite contributor, Jimmy Lopez’s house. At the recording session was Chris Naes (Bacon and Naes), Jordan Wakefield (The High Files), Tim Pickerill (The Watchers on the Couch), Bill Volz & Brandon Messmer (The Rent is Due), and, of course, Jimmy Lopez.
Over the course of several hours, the group sat at the bar, tried to run their respective shows and just let things play out. How did it go?

“By the way, I’m really looking forward to hearing this because I don’t remember a word.” said Brandon Messmer on Wednesday night.

The poorly named “Mega-Crossover Event” is hopefully the first of a few such events that will happen in 2017. The March “MCE” is scheduled to be released in 5 parts over the course of the week of March 27th, with one episode being released every morning.

The March 2017 “MCE” Release Schedule

  • March 27: Renaissance Boys (Rent is Due)
  • March 28: The Chuck Berry Invitational (Bacon and Naes)
  • March 29: Between the Chuck Berry’d and Me (Rent is Due)
  • March 30: Wakefield of Dreams (ONedge Audio Bonus)
  • March 31: The Bacon Speaks (Bacon and Naes)

ONedge Soft Launch

After much procrastination, Tim has released the first episode of ONedge. The first episode is an introduction to ONYXedge Studios, and setting expectations of what the ONedge series will cover.

As mentioned in a previous update, ONedge won’t be available on iTunes initially. The video version of ONedge is available on YouTube, and the audio version can be found on our website, Soundcloud, and Spreaker.

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