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This week we are introducing a new weekly series to the onyxedgestudios.com website: The Friday Aural.
Everyone here at OES is a fan of the medium and art of podcasting. For some of us, podcasts are the primary media we consume, with dozens of shows being downloaded to our devices every week.

The Friday Aural rounds up the favorite podcast episodes we listened to this week as submitted by ONYXedge Podcasters. None of the podcasts featured on The Friday Aural are a part of the ONYXedge Studios Podcast Network.
We also invite members of our Facebook Community to submit their own submissions to The Friday Aural to be featured on the series. Join the ONYXedge Studios Podcast Listener Group on Facebook and become a part of the OES community.

The Friday Aural for 4/21/17

Podcast: The Todd Glass Show

Episode: 293 – Paul F. Tompkins (4/14/2017)

Submitted by: Chris Naes (Bacon and Naes)

“Todd is legitimately one of the funniest people podcasting today. This episode made me cry laughing!”

Podcast: You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes

Episode: Jim Norton (4/12/2017)

Submitted by: Brandon Messmer (The Rent is Due)

“Just like the description of the show, you know things get weird or than ever when Jim Norton is on the show. He talks about his new special and his love for women with dicks.”

Podcast: The MAPS Podcast

Episode: Episode 5 – Robert Jesse (4/12/2017)

Submitted by: Jordan Wakefield (The High Files)

“This episode is focused around a talk about the word religion and the baggage/opportunity inherent in that word. There is an excellent collaborative exercise using the filling/emptying of a teacup as a metaphor.”

Podcast: My Favorite Murder

Episode: 64 – Live At Revolution Hall

Submitted by: Sarah Pickerill (The Watchers on the Couch)

“These two murderinos, Karen and Georgia, are live in Portland. They cover the terrible Bobby Jack Fowler and the mysterious Cline Falls Hatchet Attack. Stay Sexy. Don’t get murdered.”

Podcast: The Tim Ferris Show

Episode: 231 How to Be Creative Like a Motherf-cker — Cheryl Strayed (3/30/2017)

Submitted by: Tim Pickerill (The Watchers on the Couch, ONedge)

“I’ve fallen behind on some of the shows I enjoy, so I’m binge listening to Tim Ferris. I’ve been attempting to write a book for years now and listening to Cheryl not only inspired me to get writing again, but also made me feel like less of a failure as a writer.”

In lieu of this being our first installment of the series, and not having any community submissions, we’ll be doing Honorable Mentions. Remember, you can join the ONYXedge Studios Podcast Listener Group and submit your own episodes to be considered for the community section of The Friday Aural.

Honorable Mentions

Podcast: The Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr

Episode: Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast (4-13-17)

“This week he talked about his good friend Charlie Murphy passing away and brings up some stories that they had together. It’s weird to hear him get emotional but the stories are amazing.” – Brandon Messmer

Podcast: Smodcast

Episode: 371 – Ten Years After

“Smodcast was my introduction podcasts back in 2012 and Kevin Smith was the inspiration for me to create the ONYXedge Podcast Network. This week is the first time Kevin Smith has done a show in St. Louis that I didn’t make it out to. For countless hours of entertainment, and the muse (Mewes?) to gather my friends into an excuse to bullshit in front of microphones, the absolute least I can do is celebrate Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier’s 10th Anniversary Episode.” – Tim Pickerill