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The Friday Aural rounds up the favorite podcast episodes we listened to this week as submitted by ONYXedge Podcasters. None of the podcasts featured on The Friday Aural are a part of the ONYXedge Studios Podcast Network.

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The Friday Aural for 4/28/17

Podcast: Metal Injection Podcasts

Episode: METAL INJECTION LIVECAST #408 – Involuntary Danzig with Shuli from The Howard Stern Show

Submitted by: Chris Naes (Bacon and Naes)

“The gang discusses a terrible new Danzig song as well as play lengthy clips of Chuck Berry peeing and farting on another person.”

Podcast: Monday Morning Podcast

Episode: 4-22-17

Submitted by: Brandon Messmer (The Rent is Due)

“This week Bill rambles and complains about everything as usual including stupid ass gloves and playoff hockey. See who he predicts will win the cup and who he’s rooting for! Spoiler alert: He will be wearing a blues jersey this week. He also discusses his passion for playing drums and his setup.”

Podcast: The Astral Hustle

Episode: #77 Hamilton Souther

Submitted by: Jordan Wakefield (The High Files)

“Cory Allen and Hamilton Souther talk about the complexity of language, and how that applies to effective communication. Building on that concept, Cory and Hamilton get deep into personal philosophy and how our interchanges play into reality.”

Podcast: Comedy Bang Bang

Episode: #484 Pre-Chowder

Submitted by: Tim Pickerill (The Watchers on the Couch, ONedge)

“CBB is a fantastic improv podcast. I’m always jealous of people that can do improv. This episode has Jason Mantzoukas, who played Rafi on the FX show The League, and Paul F. Thompkins. Paul is a frequent guest on the show, and in this episode he is reprising his role as Andrew Lloyd Weber.”

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