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The Friday Aural rounds up the favorite podcast episodes we listened to this week as submitted by ONYXedge Podcasters. None of the podcasts featured on The Friday Aural are a part of the ONYXedge Studios Podcast Network.
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The Friday Aural for 5/12/17

Podcast: Nerd Poker

Episode: Episode 1 – Amynna

Submitted by: Chris Naes (Bacon and Naes)

“Brian Posehn and friends play D&D. It sounds good and it IS good.”

Album: Adam Hunter – Inappropriate

Submitted by: Brandon Messmer (The Rent is Due)

“I was actually surprised that there were so many jokes. Much like Mitch Hedberg but there were a lot of one liners, but there were no pauses in between. The crowd at the show also doesn’t really understand what’s going on so Adam has to explain quite a few jokes which infuriates him. It’s quite the laugh if you like fast paced man humor.”

Podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience

Episode: #958 Jordan Petersen

Submitted by: Jordan Wakefield (The High Files)

“Normally, I try to abstain recommending JRE episodes because they don’t really need a publicity push. However, this episode is a must listen in my opinion, especially if you’re a fan of The High Files. Jordan Petersen shares a wealth of knowledge in a very clear and easy to follow manner. He touches on some of my favorite subjects including Post-Modernism, Literary Archetypes, Biblical Narrative, and Jungian Psychology. Go deep, High Filers! This is an incredible journey!”

Podcast: My Brother, My Brother and Me

Episode: 354: Beanfreak

Submitted by: Tim Pickerill (These American Gods, The Watchers on the Couch, ONedge)

“‘J. Wake’ took my first pick, so I second the JRE episode. I haven’t listened to many podcasts this week as I increased video/social media production on TAG this week. So in lieu of not being able to pick the one that made me think the most, I’ll pick the one that made me laugh the most. MBMBaM is one of my favorite podcasts that was introduced to me by my wife.

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