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The Friday Aural rounds up the favorite podcast episodes we listened to this week as submitted by ONYXedge Podcasters. None of the podcasts featured on The Friday Aural are a part of the ONYXedge Studios Podcast Network.

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The Friday Aural for 5/25/17

Podcast: Hollywood Babble On

Episode: Episode 279

Submitted by: Chris Naes (Bacon and Naes)

“Ralph and Kev delight both the live audience and listeners with jabs at famous Hollywood idiots and amazing impressions. Listen to Ralph sing a classic Disney song as Al Pacino and thank me later.”

Podcast: Freakonomics Radio

Episode: How Big is My Penis?

Submitted by: Sarah & Tim Pickerill (These American Gods, The Watchers on the Couch)

“People say all kinds of things online they would never say IRL. Seth Stephens Davidowitz collects data from online searches and explains the correlation with online personalities and real life behavior.”

Podcast: Waking Up with Sam Harris

Episode: What is Technology Doing to Us?

Submitted by: Jordan Wakefield (The High Files)

“Technology is not synonymous with benevolence. Technological innovation, especially in the domain of computer technology, has done so many good things for us that we often forget to watch for associated dangers. With that in mind, I think this episode of the Waking Up podcast should be required listening for anyone who uses any form of internet-based service, be it a smartphone or streaming video player.”

Podcast: Your Mom’s House

Episode: 397 – Joe Rogan

Submitted by: Brandon Messmer (The Rent is Due)

“Just as you would expect in this podcast is a lot of talk about juicy asses, doing drugs, and how to be a responsible mommy. This is definitely worth listening to. Thanks Jeans..”