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The Friday Aural for 6/23/17

Podcast: My Favorite Murder

Episode: Chill Satanist

Submitted by: Sarah Pickerill (These American Gods, Watchers on the Couch)

This episode is CRAZY!!! Karen and Georgia delve into Berkley Hostage Crisis from 1990 and Fall River Cult Murders. Sad and scary stuff here, but these are amazing stories of murder told in the most lighthearted way… You have to listen to understand. Stay sexy. Don’t get murdered.

Podcast: Nerdist


Submitted by: Tim Pickerill (These American Gods, Watchers on the Couch)

Kumail and Emily’s “The Indoor Kids” was one of my top five podcasts when I first stumbled into the podcast world back in 2012. Of course, since then Kumail has gone on to guest in a number of shows including the X-Files, and has risen to stardom with the HBO series Silicon Valley. He and Emily have a movie coming out based upon the early days of their relationship called The Big Sick, that sounds amazing.

Podcast: Metal Up Your Podcast

Episode: Episode 25 – Worldwired Tour St. Louis

Submitted by: Chris Naes (Bacon and Naes)

These guys do a very interesting recap of their LUCKY experience at the Busch Stadium show.