The Podcast Mega Crossover Event and ONedge Softlaunch

As a famous Chief Engineer of a dinosaur park would say: “Hold on to your butts!” We’ve got some update for you after a much to long silence. The Sound of Silliness This past weekend, a massive crossover of ONYXedge podcasters was hosted at fan-favorite contributor, Jimmy Lopez’s house. At the recording session was Chris […]

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ONedge Introduction – ONedge #01

In this initial episode of ONedge, Tim gives a brief overview of ONYXedge Studios for newcomers, goes over what you can expect from the ONedge series, and touches on some things he’s planning on doing with The Watchers on the Couch podcast when Game of Thrones comes back for 2017. If you’d like to support […]

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Update from the Studio (02.21.2017)

Let me start off by thanking those of you that have reached out regarding the release date of ONedge. It’s been keeping my feet to the fire. Literally, not two days after I started production, I got sick. Sore-throat, congestion, all that jazz that makes the spoken-word unenjoyable for everyone. While laying on the couch […]

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Hafu II Debut, Bacon and Naes at PWCS, and ONedge Update

It was a big weekend for ONYXedge Studios and their associates. Big enough to warrant it’s own blog post even! ShowMe Entertainment Debuts Hafu II Sam Richardson and Jordan Taylor of ShowMe Entertainment (and the ShowMe Comicast and How Should I Bro? podcasts) debuted their long awaited follow up to their graphic novel Hafu at […]

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Hafu II to Debut at STL Comic Convention

Anyone following ONYXedge Studios for the past few years, probably knows that the first podcast we ever did was called the ShowMe Comicast. The show centered around the thought and process of creating comics. Specifically, the graphic novel Hafu, written by Jordan Taylor, and illustrated by Sam Richardson of ShowMe Comics (aka ShowMe Entertainment.) After the completion […]

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Top 10 ONYXedge Podcast Episodes in 2016

Top 10 ONYXedge Podcast Episodes in 2016 2016 has been a great year for ONYXedge Studios, with some great episodes. As we prepare to jump head first into 2017, lets take a look back at the Top 10 episode released on the network this year (as determined by listener/download count). And because we love you, […]

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Chris Naes Rebrands Podcast

Chris Naes announced in Episode 70 of On the Road with ThorHammer of his unfortunate departure from the band ThorHammer. This week, Chris is pleased to announce that his podcast has been rebranded, and will henceforth be known as the Bacon and Naes podcast, featuring new music from the band Vanlade and new cover art […]

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Upcoming “ONedge” Podcast Takes You Behind the Scenes

We are pleased to announce that starting in Q1 of 2017, we will be taking you behind the scenes at ONYXedge Studios, with the new podcast ONedge. Initially planned to be a bi-weekly release, OES founder and host, Tim Pickerill, will discuss what the team is currently working on and future plans. I think the […]

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