The Podcast Mega Crossover Event and ONedge Softlaunch

As a famous Chief Engineer of a dinosaur park would say: “Hold on to your butts!” We’ve got some update for you after a much to long silence.

The Sound of Silliness

This past weekend, a massive crossover of ONYXedge podcasters was hosted at fan-favorite contributor, Jimmy Lopez’s house. At the recording session was Chris Naes (Bacon and Naes), Jordan Wakefield (The High Files), Tim Pickerill (The Watchers on the Couch), Bill Volz & Brandon Messmer (The Rent is Due), and, of course, Jimmy Lopez.
Over the course of several hours, the group sat at the bar, tried to run their respective shows and just let things play out. How did it go?

“By the way, I’m really looking forward to hearing this because I don’t remember a word.” said Brandon Messmer on Wednesday night.

The poorly named “Mega-Crossover Event” is hopefully the first of a few such events that will happen in 2017. The March “MCE” is scheduled to be released in 5 parts over the course of the week of March 27th, with one episode being released every morning.

The March 2017 “MCE” Release Schedule

  • March 27: Renaissance Boys (Rent is Due)
  • March 28: The Chuck Berry Invitational (Bacon and Naes)
  • March 29: Between the Chuck Berry’d and Me (Rent is Due)
  • March 30: Wakefield of Dreams (ONedge Audio Bonus)
  • March 31: The Bacon Speaks (Bacon and Naes)

ONedge Soft Launch

After much procrastination, Tim has released the first episode of ONedge. The first episode is an introduction to ONYXedge Studios, and setting expectations of what the ONedge series will cover.

As mentioned in a previous update, ONedge won’t be available on iTunes initially. The video version of ONedge is available on YouTube, and the audio version can be found on our website, Soundcloud, and Spreaker.

Support the Network!

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ONYXedge Amazon Affiliate Link

Update from the Studio (02.21.2017)

Let me start off by thanking those of you that have reached out regarding the release date of ONedge. It’s been keeping my feet to the fire.

Literally, not two days after I started production, I got sick. Sore-throat, congestion, all that jazz that makes the spoken-word unenjoyable for everyone. While laying on the couch with manflu, playing Destiny, I thought about how a lot of what I’ll likely be talking about would be more effective in a video format. Especially if people start wanting to know about gear, our workflow, etc.

I decided to go back to the drawing board and also record video along with the audio. The result has been kind of a podcast/vlog hybrid. I’m trying to be mindful of both the audio only, and video audiences when I’m in the studio. It’s an experiment to be sure. It’s also taking some work on my end because it’s outside of my comfort zone, but I’m hoping that the bumpy start will be worth it.

I announced the vague launch date of Q1 2017 after I failed to meet my personal goal of launching back in November 2016. There was just too much going on then. I still plan to have ONedge up within that window, but I’ve decided not to do a traditional “Hey, the podcast is out and up on iTunes! Check it out!” type of launch.

Despite all the avenues to get your podcasts (Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, blah blah blah) iTunes is still king. Much of the things that I’ve read lead to the conclusion that the success of your podcast being visible to others hinges on your first weeks on iTunes. We’ve tried the launch with 3 episodes thing on other shows with varied results. I’ve decided to try something a little different with ONedge, justt to see what happens.

I’m not launching on iTunes

Crazy! Right?! I think so. But I’d like to see if I can get that iTunes bump, and to do that, I need people that are willing to give it that boost when it hits. I don’t have a huge network, be it professional or social, to be hankering for this show. You’d be amazed how often someone on my Facebook page says: “You do podcasts!?” despite the fact that I’ve been doing this for almost three years and I share the episodes all the time. So ONedge will have to stand on it’s own and hopefully draw in (and hopefully create) interested people.

So this behind the scenes podcast/vlog that chronicles ONYXedge Studios and it’s partner podcasts will not be going on iTunes at the outset. It will primarily be available on our YouTube channel, the website, and SoundCloud. My hope is that this “soft-launch” will pull in all you folks that have inquired about the show’s status, as well as the casually curious. If all goes well, I can convince you all to subscribe and maybe drop a review once I feel like it’s ready to hit iTunes.

Intro Music Ideas

I’d been looking around the internet looking for some music that I could use as the intro, but nothing was really doing it for me. This past weekend I spent some time playing around in the studio, and put together this quick little piece that I’m digging. It’ll get tightened up a bit if I go with it. I uploaded it as a private track on the ONYXedge Soundcloud account, which means it doesn’t show up if you go to that page. It’s just a little something extra for you, dear readers. There was a good response to it when I shared it amongst the other podcasters on the network. But maybe they are just saying that to make me feel good. What do you think?

Some Unrelated Fun Stuff

So it’s not podcast related at all. But I recently picked up a new piece of equipment for the studio: an Eleven Rack guitar effects processor by AVID.


I don’t play guitar as much as I’d like and that’s something I’m looking to change. I’m looking forward to getting together with my friends Jimmy and Nick and resuming work on a musical project that we started a while back. It got put on hold in 2016 for different reasons for each of us, but I think we are a-hungry again. I plugged my guitar into this thing over the weekend and fiddled around with some sounds and it sparked quite a few sonic ideas that I’m looking to explore with my buddies.

What are you creating? I’d like to hear about it!


Hafu II Debut, Bacon and Naes at PWCS, and ONedge Update

It was a big weekend for ONYXedge Studios and their associates. Big enough to warrant it’s own blog post even!

ShowMe Entertainment Debuts Hafu II

Sam Richardson and Jordan Taylor of ShowMe Entertainment (and the ShowMe Comicast and How Should I Bro? podcasts) debuted their long awaited follow up to their graphic novel Hafu at the Winter 1 Day comic convention. Jordan provided this quick summary to OES:

Sam drew his ass off, we had a real life Akiko cosplay model who took some great pics, and the coolest thing of all was our return customers. It was so cool when someone came up to the table and said, “I already have the first one.” Some people even said that they didn’t have the first one, but had read it because it was being passed around by friends.

ShowMe Entertainment just launched their Kickstarter to help fund the printing of Hafu II. Donations at the $20 level will get you a copy of Hafu II that is autographed by the writer and illustrator. The $50 level scores you both print and digital copies of Hafu I and Hafu II, a quick sketch from the illustrator, and a Kickstarter exclusive Hafu poster.

Chris Naes from Bacon and Naes, and OES friend, Nick Beck both got their copies of Hafu II.

Chris Naes and the Rent is Due at PWCS Wrestling

Chris Naes ventured out to PWCS (Pro Wrestling Championship Series) in Alton, IL with Bill Volz and Brandon Messmer of The Rent is Due podcast. Chris, Brandon and Lindsey recorded an episode of Bacon and Naes on the way to, and from the event.

Brandon, Lindsey, and Chris at PWCS

Oh! And Chris met Colt Cabana!

Chris Naes with Colt Cabana

Find out about that encounter and more on this week’s Bacon and Naes

ONedge enters Production

ONedge, the upcoming “behind the scenes” podcast for ONYXedge Studios, is still set to air in Q1 of this year. In addition to giving updates on current events at the studio and it’s network of shows, Tim plans to talk a little about medium of podcasting itself and what he has learned upon the way. Production for the first three episodes will be starting this week. In episode one, Tim will be covering the purpose of the ONedge podcast, and his opinion on whether or not someone should start a podcast in 2017.

ONedge Podcast Cover

If you have questions or topic suggestions for future shows, please email them to Also, consider staying up to date by signing up for the ONYXedge mailing list to receive our ONYXedge Studios Newsletter (when we decide to start sending those out) 🙂

Hafu II to Debut at STL Comic Convention

Anyone following ONYXedge Studios for the past few years, probably knows that the first podcast we ever did was called the ShowMe Comicast. The show centered around the thought and process of creating comics. Specifically, the graphic novel Hafu, written by Jordan Taylor, and illustrated by Sam Richardson of ShowMe Comics (aka ShowMe Entertainment.)

After the completion of their 64 page graphic novel, Taylor and Richardson debuted their novel at several conventions in the US. Hafu recieved praise by it’s readers for it’s strong female protaganist, Akiko Kuno, a mixed-heritage girl raised by her father in Japan.

After a long wait for both creators and fans, Sam and Jordan announced not only the completion of the next chapter in Akiko’s story, but where they will be debuting the next installment.

Hafu II

ShowMe Comics will be at the “StL Comics Winter 1 Day” event on Sunday, January 22nd.  A limited amount of the new Hafu II on hand, so be sure to get there early. Any unsold copies of the graphic novel will be made available for purchase on their website.


StL Comics Winter 1 Day is being held at:

The Holiday Inn St. Louis SW-Route 66
10709 Watson Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63127

Find out more about the StL Comics Winter 1 Day by visiting their Facebook Event Page.

If you haven’t read the first volume of Hafu you can buy a copy on the ShowMe Comics website, or buy a digital edition on Comixology.

For readers of the first volume, Hafu II promises to be twice the novel, in more ways than one.

We here at ONYXedge Studios wish the best to Sam and Jordan and hope they have a very successful weekend.

Social Links

ShowMe Comics on Facebook

ShowMe Comics on Twitter

ShowMe Comics on Instagram

Top 10 ONYXedge Podcast Episodes in 2016

Top 10 ONYXedge Podcast Episodes in 2016

2016 has been a great year for ONYXedge Studios, with some great episodes. As we prepare to jump head first into 2017, lets take a look back at the Top 10 episode released on the network this year (as determined by listener/download count). And because we love you, this isn’t one of those horrid slideshows. 🙂

Honorable Mentions: The Exorcism of Jordan Wakefield & Anarchy Wrestling Wrap-up and Metallica Album Review

Almost neck and neck for making in into the Top 10, these two episodes just barely missed out on making the list.

10: Easily Offended

The Rent is Due Episode 4

At number 10 on the list is the fourth episode of the Rent is Due, which debuted on the network this year.

9: The Battle of the Bastards

The Watchers on the Couch Episode 25

This WotC episode following the most anticipated event of Season 6 of Game of Thrones enters the list at number 9.

8: Fly on the Wall

On the Road with ThorHammer Episode 22

In this episode, Chris takes you to band practice with him.

7: Eight Kids that Died (Part 1)

On the Road with ThorHammer Episode 43

The infamous Eight Kids session was so massive that it had to be broken up into four parts.

6: Tao of Pokemon Go

The High Files Episode 14

Jordan and guest, Tony Heman, discuss augmented reality.

5: Language of Love

The High Files Episode 16

The last episode of The High Files in 2016 shot up the ranks in a matter of days as it rockets into the Top 5 position!

4: P-ssy Women Fun

The Rent is Due Episode 11

In this episode, the gang is joined by professional wrestlers Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico of Saint Louis Anarchy.

3: The Winds of Winter Holysh#tcast!

The Watchers on the Couch Episode 26

The Game of Thrones Season 6 finale recap episode enters the top 3 highest listened to episodes for the year.

2: The Enemy Within

The High Files Episode 15

Jordan is joined by guest Khadija Bazzi Hamdar of the A Muslim Pearl in a Western Shell podcast in this very special episode that is the second most listened to episode on the network for 2016.

1: The Psychedelic Experience

The High Files Episode 13

With four spots on the top 10 list, The High Files undoubtedly is the podcast of the year on ONYXedge, with a slow start when it debuted at the beginning of the year but a huge gain in the last five months.

The Most Listened to Episode for 2016 goes to this episode featuring Chris Naes of Bacon and Naes

Chris Naes Rebrands Podcast

Chris Naes announced in Episode 70 of On the Road with ThorHammer of his unfortunate departure from the band ThorHammer.

This week, Chris is pleased to announce that his podcast has been rebranded, and will henceforth be known as the Bacon and Naes podcast, featuring new music from the band Vanlade and new cover art by Tim Pickerill.


Naes released a short “preview” episode Thursday morning where he discussed the new show.

Former “On the Road…” subscribers should see the switch soon, if they haven’t already. Some podcast apps like PocketCasts may require an artwork refresh in the settings.

Chris’ social media handles have also changed accordingly. You can now find him @baconandnaes on Instagram and Twitter.

Thanks for your continued support and we’ll see you on Bacon and Naes in 2017!

Upcoming “ONedge” Podcast Takes You Behind the Scenes

We are pleased to announce that starting in Q1 of 2017, we will be taking you behind the scenes at ONYXedge Studios, with the new podcast ONedge.

Initially planned to be a bi-weekly release, OES founder and host, Tim Pickerill, will discuss what the team is currently working on and future plans.

I think the past couple years we’ve just been trying to find our voice. Practicing. In 2017, I really want to start ramping things up and grow this into something special, and I want to take our fans along for the ride.

This isn’t the first ONYXedge podcast that Tim has been a part of that follows a journey of a creative processes. The first podcast on what would later become the “ONYXedge Network” was the ShowMe Comicast which followed creation of the graphic novel Hafu: Vol 1 by Jordan Taylor and Sam Richardson of ShowMe Comics. In addition to discussing the final days of getting the comic book to completion, and going to comic book conventions, the trio of Taylor, Richardson and Pickerill analyses the craft of comic book creation so they could share their thoughts with other aspiring comic creators. Roots of that format will be present in ONedge.

The “hero’s journey” format was important to us on the “Comicast” because, so often, you’d see a panel or something where people who had been in the business for decades were giving advice for other aspiring artists or writers. Which is great, but what about all the minutia that they didn’t mention, or just plain forgot about? What if the person asking the question at the panel was able to see the mistakes and successes from someone who was closer to their own level… an actual peer? That always seemed to be a better learning experience in our mind. More interesting, too.

The studio producer isn’t planning on the podcast to be a one-way conversation, however.

It’s important to me to initiate conversations with our supporters and other creative-minded people. So I’ll literally be asking listeners what they think about the things we are working on, but also ideas we have, and obstacles we are currently facing.

There’s more than just talking about the inner workings of trying to build a podcast network. Tim is planning to interview other creators on the network, feature some of his favorite moments from network shows, and perhaps even share some lost audio bits and potential pilots for new shows.

There are new shows that we have coming up, and there are show ideas that we’ve been batting around for a while that we don’t know are worth the time or effort to create. I’m playing with the idea of actually creating pilot episodes for things like that and ONedge seems like the best method of sharing those things.

ONedge Podcast

ONedge is currently in production. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information on this and other shows.

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