2017 Reflections and Plans for the New Year

Jordan Wakefield (The High Files), Chris Naes (Bacon and Naes), and Nick Beck (Beard Vs. Evil) join Tim as they reflect on their past year of podcasting, and look forward to 2018.

The group brainstorms ideas for the new ONYXedge Patreon account (http://patreon.com/onyxedgestudios) and discuss the business side on ONYXedge as a podcast network.

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Introducing: Beard Vs Evil – Pilot Episode

This is the pilot episode for Beard Vs Evil, a podcast by Tim Pickerill, coming to the ONYXedge Podcast Network in 2018.

Subtitle: WWRSD?

In this episode, Tim sits down with Sam Richardson of #TeamSam Personal Training. They discuss Sam’s road to fitness, and how it lead to him becoming the owner of his own training studio. Sam also talks about his mental health struggles and how he handles it.

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Later in the show, Tim sits down with his “tribe-mates” Nick Beck and Jimmy Lopez.  Jimmy is also the co-host of the Bacon and Naes podcast.

The theme song for this podcast is by TeknoAxe.

The song featured in the musical interlude is “Chameleon” by Cloudkicker.

We’d love your feedback. Reach out to us on our Facebook and Twitter pages (@beardvsevil)

ONedge Changes and the Importance of Supporting Artists

Tim sits down for the first time in the new “Studio B” with Mike Daffron, Chris Naes, and Jimmy Lopez.


  • The ONedge hiatus and changes to the show
  • “Studio B” and developments Mike’s solo podcast
  • What was Mike, Jimmy, and Chris’ introduction to the world of podcasts and what made them want to get involved in podcasting.
  • Advice for people debating starting their own creative endeavor, and “haters” close to home.
  • Why it’s important to support and engage with family/friends’ podcast/music/etc on social media.

YouTube Channel Cleanup and Other Updates – ONedge Episode #3

Our YouTube Channel is a mess, but I have some plans for it. I answer the question if we are going to have any “live” content. Plus, show updates.

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Wakefield of Dreams (Crossover 4 of 5) – ONedge Bonus Episode

This is Part 4 of 5 of the ONYXedge Studios March 2017 Crossover. To listen to the previous episode, check out The Rent is Due: Between the Chuck Berry’d and Me

This episode is the calm before the storm of the last installment of the March Crossover Event. Delve deep inside creative mind of Jordan Wakefield, and subscribe to his podcast “The High.” Files

All podcasters on this show can be heard on onyxedgestudios.com podcasts, go listen today!

Chris is the host of Bacon and Naes and can be found on Twitter and Instagram as @baconandnaes

Tim also hosts The Watchers on the Couch. On social media, he can be found @beardvsevil on Twitter and Instagram

Bill and Brandon can be heard on The RENT is DUE podcast

Brandon can be found @cuddleyourcat on Instagram and Twitter.

Jordan is the host of The High Files with Jordan Wakefield and can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Youtube channels: ONYXedge Studios

Should You Start a Podcast in 2017? – ONedge Episode #02

Podcasting is a fast growing medium and it can seem daunting to try and get your own out there. Is it worth it to even try to start a new podcast in 2017? ONYXedge Studios founder, Tim Pickerill, gives his opinions on the matter.

ONYXedge Studios is pleased to announce it’s new podcast from the “Watchers on the Couch” team. “These American Gods” is a discussion podcast for the upcoming Starz series, American Gods, based upon the novel by Neil Gaiman.

Visit theseamericangods.com for more information.

ONedge Introduction – ONedge #01

In this initial episode of ONedge, Tim gives a brief overview of ONYXedge Studios for newcomers, goes over what you can expect from the ONedge series, and touches on some things he’s planning on doing with The Watchers on the Couch podcast when Game of Thrones comes back for 2017.

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