The High Files

March 10, 2017

Select a Game to Play – Featuring Mikey Gordon and Lucia Carol

What color is your parachute?  If it’s slowly being eaten by moths, who gives a fuck?   In this episode, […]

December 23, 2016

The Language of Love

What is love? Baby, don’t use English. In this episode, Jordan explores how language interacts with thought. By studying linguistics, […]

October 19, 2016

15: “The Enemy Within” feat. Khadija Bazzi Hamdar

It’s election time in America and that means a boogeyman is waiting ‘round e’ry corner. You’re not safe! There are […]

September 16, 2016

14: The Tao of Pokemon Go

Augmented Reality!!! New technology combined with pioneering imagination has birthed a new paradigm for the human experience. We now have […]

August 9, 2016

The Psychedelic Experience

Magic Mushrooms!!! In this episode, Jordan embarks on an in-depth analysis of the Psychedelic Experience with some help from some […]

July 11, 2016

The Exorcism of Jordan Wakefield

Say your prayers little one. In this podcast, Jordan battles demons! While demons surely make great fodder for podcasting, it […]

June 21, 2016

Reefer Dadness

Happy Father’s Day!!! In this episode, Jordan poses the question: what role should altered states play in parenting? Moreover, is […]